Famous Artists, Notorious Reputations

Famous Artists, Notorious Reputations: Reputation Risk Management for Nonprofits

Some of the most adored artists are known as notorious, decadent, or just plain bizarre, and artist reputations fluctuate during their lifetimes and long after. Just like the turbulent reputations of some revered artists, there are myriad ways that large scale organizational events can impact a nonprofit’s reputation—whether it’s a front-page scandal, a large scale embezzlement, executive wrongdoing, IT breach or hacking event. The scope, scale and management of risks like these can have wide-ranging implications from liability and insurance concerns, to reporting requirements, to crisis and PR management.

This workshop offers a holistic and in-depth look at the topic of “Reputation Risk.” Drawing on an all-star panel with expertise in legal, accounting, public relations and risk management, we will explore how reputation risk can hurt a nonprofit’s balance sheet, result in decreased membership or donations, lead and contribute to an organization’s demise, or just present your nonprofit with a time-consuming headache. We will touch on topics such as ethics, safety and security, and organizational trust in a fast-paced conversation with our expert panel.