Are Your Employees like Leroy Neiman’s “Grand Prix” Drivers?

Monday, Sep 18th
1:15 pm-2:30 pm

Are Your Employees like Leroy Neiman’s “Grand Prix” Drivers?: How to Navigate to get a "Driver Safety Program"

All too often organizations “hand over the keys” to organization vehicles to unprepared employees with a simple suggestion to: “Be safe out there!” During this interactive session we will discuss best practices in driver training to lessen the many preventable risks associated with having ANYONE drive on an organization’s behalf. Attendees across a spectrum of experience levels will benefit from this workshop and learn how to manage and mitigate a wide array of driver risks. Come prepared to share what’s working (or what isn’t) in your organization with respect to transportation risks. Stop naively handing the keys to your reputation and assets over to unprepared drivers. Join your Risk Summit colleagues to learn what you can do to manage driver risks.