Building a Brand Mosaic with Muse David Ogilvy

Monday, Sep 18th
2:45 pm-4:00 pm

Building a Brand Mosaic with Muse David Ogilvy: Protecting Brand and Reputation through the Risk Management & Ethics Functions

The father of advertising, David Ogilvy once stated, “A well defined Brand is the most sustainable asset an organization can have.” The purpose of this session is to demonstrate how a mosaic of enterprise risk management, compliance, and marketing tools protect the brand and reputation of an organization. Attendees can expect to gain insight about how these three functions work together as a collage to inspire a risk aware and compliant culture that is integrally tied to the Planned Parenthood brand as a trusted health care provider. Attendees should have a basic understanding of enterprise risk management and compliance and will participate in activities including: What is Brand? and How to respond to a brand attack.