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She apparently suffers from every known disease, ailment, illness, symptom and allergy almost simultaneously, and when asked about them, she runs through all the events and procedures that led to one injury, which usually lasts hours until the conclusion. Doom was the only one who knew he was evil. Frank is actually the more intelligent of the two, often getting annoyed at Len's lack of understanding.


She is also seen in the episode, "Time Flies". Bunny[ edit ] A pink bunny with red eyes, he pretends to be a cute and loving bunny with a cold, but is actually evil. When Venus first appeared, she was very voracious and typically acted as a pet. Despite being a bat, he's afraid of flying and is also afraid of the dark. And her wail sure is terrifying enough. Episodes[ edit ] These are the episodes that have aired on television. It's in my bones! Although he is not often seen, he accompanies Iris on all her adventures as both her companion and sometimes her mode of transport. Mummbles also follows the rule "Safety First", however his rides seem to bend in the opposite direction to being safe, which includes massive spirals, gaps and fire on the tracks. Mopey — The optimistic member of Misery's family, she has hair just like Ruby's, which Ruby compliments and Mopey says "Right back atcha! Basically his entire philosophy. Mummbles designs and creates amusement park rides, he can be seen in later episodes testing these new rides. Many fans believe that Misery and her exclusively female relatives are banshees. However, out of the three, Poe is the one seen most often. White, who is usually driving their mode of transport. The vocalist is the jazzy Skele-T, instantly recognized by his outfit, earrings and gold tooth. Despite their faults, Misery loves her cousins. He is so curious about where he came from, he's devoted himself in trying out different talents and carrers. The only thing he's not afraid of is a crumpet. Most of the episodes contain a short skit at the beginning and end of the episodes, "Gloomer Rumor", the first episode of the series, is the only episode to have no opening skit, but an ending skit. Minor characters[ edit ] Mr. She also seems to constantly clarify whenever she is joking or not, as she once said: The floppy, yet enigmatic Mr. Poe's pampered nature also tends to make him overreact to things that everyone else would more or less take in stride. Her teeth are crooked with a yellowish tint. Poe is voiced by Adrian Truss. Desperately Looking for a Purpose in Life:


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Ruby Gloom - 1x01 - Gloomer Rumor

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  1. Frank sees himself as this, at least. They can hardly focus on something if it doesn't have a beat.

  2. The only thing he's not afraid of is a crumpet. Venus[ edit ] Another of Iris's many pets, Venus is a venus flytrap.

  3. Very thick streaks of eyeshadow run down her face because it mixes with her tears. Though she doesn't look it.

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