About the Nonprofit Risk Management Center

Learn more about the Nonprofit Risk Management Center at nonprofitrisk.org.

The Nonprofit Risk Management Center inspires effective risk management and Risk Champions–nonprofit risk management professionals–across the nonprofit sector. The Center is an independent, tax-exempt nonprofit organization that provides a wide range of risk education and risk management services to nonprofits, associations and foundations in the U.S. and internationally. These services include consulting services, training programs, publications and web applications. Leaders representing an extraordinarily diverse array of organizations engage the Center team each year, and our assignments require us to assess and offer recommendations on managing a broad range of strategic, operational and programmatic risks. The Center team often delivers training and custom educational resources on areas of special concern ranging from youth protection, to corporate governance, financial management, program/service delivery risks, partnership/collaboration risks and employment practices.

About the Risk Summit

This two and a half day conference is ideal for nonprofit leaders who want to broaden their perspectives on risk, learn practical strategies for identifying and managing risk, and bring risk resources and know-how back to their mission-driven organizations. If you’re interested in building the capacity of your risk management team to truly fortify your mission and navigate the “what ifs” of the nonprofit world, you won’t want to miss this event.

Who attends the Risk Summit?

  1. CFOs, COOs, CIOs, Finance Directors, Directors of Human Resources, Directors of Quality Assurance, General Counsel, and other senior management staff from high-performing nonprofits
  2. Risk Managers, Directors of Risk Management, and Enterprise Risk Management professionals from nonprofit organizations and public agencies
  3. Senior operations staff from foundations and grant-making nonprofits
  4. Insurance professionals serving nonprofits, associations and religious organizations
  5. Professional advisors and consultants serving nonprofits, including lawyers, CPAs, management consultants and more